Staff Directory


Administrative Department
Mike Hulsey Executive Director  
Melanie Cahill Director of Operations  Email Here
Sue Woodman Receptionist/Activity Coordinator  Email Here
Darlene Stuart  Receptionist  Email here
Finance Department
Kristie Bradbury Finance Director Email Here
Aimee Chretien Finance Assistant Email Here
Marta Miles Finance Assistant Email Here
Leasing Department
Leanna Bruce Director of Housing Programs Email Here
Emily Lucci Housing Manager Email Here
Alyssia Webb Occupancy Specialist Email Here
Elise Mace Occupancy Specialist Email Here
Jenna Wylie Occupancy Specialist Email Here
Mike Morrison Occupancy Specialist Email Here
  Occupancy Specialist  
Vince Beaulieu Occupancy Specialist Email Here
Tracy Piantoni Housing Inspector Email Here
Maintenance & Facilities Department
Wayne Lewis Jr.  Director of Maintenance & Facilities        Email Here
Jeffrey Miles Modernization Coordinator Email Here
Don Burgess Maintenance Supervisor
Lisa Quinn Maintenance Administrator Email Here
Danny Santana Maintenance Mechanic  
Dean Mazziotti Maintenance Mechanic  
Glenn Powell Maintenance Mechanic  
Sue Woods  Maintenance Mechanic  
Chris Labrador  Maintenance Mechanic  
Supportive Services
 Phillip Smith Resident Services Coordinator Email Here
 Sue Woodman Activities Coordinator Email Here
Betsy Ross House
Mary Marston Property Director Email Here
Nancy Thompson Assistant to Property Director Email Here
Kevin Folan Maintenance Mechanic  
Development Department
Brooks More  Director of Development  Email Here
Isaac Misiuk Development Officer  Email Here